Indoor Air Quality Testing in Jacksonville, Florida

We rarely find real evidence of amplified volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) or formaldehyde in homes.  Elevated VOC’s are most often found in industrial/large commercial offices which produce high levels of particulates/smoke.  Examples of elevated particulates in offices most often relate to peak printing or copying functions.  Printers and copiers produce a lot of paper dust and therefore these areas need proper ventilation to protect workers.  Production printing/copying should be in areas away from general workers and be well ventilated.

If you or your employees are experiencing pulmonary related illness and you do not have production printing/copying present, we have found VOC contamination from underground sources such as old buried tanks, leaking piping or environmental contamination which may not have been known or disclosed.

Identifying source irritants of VOC’s almost always requires multiple sampling dates.  You should never rely upon anyone who will quote you a one-time sampling event – that is a sure warning they are not experienced or qualified to help you.