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We work with many customers who suffer from allergies, asthma or other pulmonary functions issues. We are grateful we have helped many over the years to reduce medication and ER visits. While most of our customers start with a fear of “mold”, we typically learn “mold” is not the primary issue but rather a combination of building related failures. If mold is present, it always relates to a building related issue, i.e., moisture, inefficient HVAC performance, air infiltration, crawlspace issues, pests/pesticides, VOC’s or poor ventilation. Most molds do not release mycotoxins without physical disturbance so merely seeing “mold” on a wall does not necessarily mean you are breathing mold spores. Without a building related condition, the mold would not be there!

We can isolate the building related conditions that are triggering your allergy/asthma related symptoms.

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