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Mold is pervasive and common opportunistic molds are in your home. Paying someone to take an air sample to tell you there is common mold present is simply a scam. The internet is full of fake mold testers who claim to be certified by some organization which, itself, is not certified but they sell fake emblems and credentials to those who want to sell mold testing. The State of Florida licenses Mold Assessors. If the person is not a Licensed Mold Assessor, they are promoting fake credentials and selling you a mold scam.

In the USA, there is only one organization who provides fully accredited certifications for mold/IAQ professionals. That organization is the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC). Of the credentials for indoor environmental, only the CIEC is recognized by the Council of Engineering & Scientific Specialty Boards in meeting the highest credentials for a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant.

Make sure your consultant has the highest credentials.




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Council Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant
by the
Council of Engineering & Scientific Specialty Boards

McCrone Research Institute
Fungal Spore Identification using Microscopy

Pan American Aerobiology Certification Board
Certified Spore Analyst (in process)

Board of Certified Safety Professionals
Certified Safety Professional®

Certified EIFS/Stucco Inspector
Exterior Design Institute

Certified Residential Thermographer
Monroe Infrared

Certified Master Inspector
International Association of Home Inspectors

Registered Professional Inspector
Florida Association of Building Inspectors

Certified Inspector
American Society of Home Inspectors


Florida Mold Assessor, MRSA2209

Certified General Contractor, CGC060389

Licensed Home Inspector, HI1025

Jacksonville, Florida Mold Assessment

Mold is a naturally occurring fungi. Indoor molds are different than outdoor molds. Of the 5,000,000 different species of fungi, less than 24 are found indoors. Of these, only about seven generally present an issue to the occupants. Of these, we find “opportunistic” molds like cladisporium and aspergillus and “water indicator” molds like stachybotrys and ulocladium. Sampling is the least important thing we do in identifying an “amplified” mold condition. Knowing and under-standing what constitutes a threat or an amplified condition is the most important and you cannot understand that by comparing outdoor spore counts to indoor spore counts which is what most fake mold testers sell.

Jacksonville, Florida HealthyHome™ Assessment

We work with many customers who suffer from allergies, asthma or other pulmonary functions issues. We are grateful we have helped many over the years to reduce medication and ER visits. While most of our customers start with a fear of “mold”, we typically learn “mold” is not the primary issue but rather a combination of building related failures. If mold is present, it always relates to a building related issue, i.e., moisture, inefficient HVAC performance, air infiltration, crawlspace issues, pests/pesticides, VOC’s or poor ventilation. Most molds do not release mycotoxins without physical disturbance so merely seeing “mold” on a wall does not necessarily mean you are breathing mold spores. Without a building related condition, the mold would not be there!

We can isolate the building related conditions that are triggering
your allergy/asthma related symptoms.

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Our house had a leak behind a wall and Alex found the problem. He tested inside the wall and and also our home’s air quality. The mold levels came in very bad, so I am glad we hired them to do the inspection

Ashley Frandsen


We know Florida homes. In fact, we have built many new homes. We are experts in moisture intrusion analysis and as a Certified General Contractor and Certified EIFs/Stucco Inspector we have the skills and tooling needed to fully identify moisture intrusion. Hidden moisture/dampness not only compromises indoor air quality, it promotes bacteria, insects and building relates stresses which may
compromise your health and your investment. Our wet Florida climate is hard on our homes/offices. You need a consultant who is experienced and able to detect building related issues. We’re that source.

Indoor Air Quality Testing in Jacksonville, Florida

We rarely find real evidence of amplified volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) or formaldehyde in homes.  Elevated VOC’s are most often found in industrial/large commercial offices which produce high levels of particulates/smoke.  Examples of elevated particulates in offices most often relate to peak printing or copying functions.  Printers and copiers produce a lot of paper dust and therefore these areas need proper ventilation to protect workers.  Production printing/copying should be in areas away from general workers and be well ventilated.


If your home/office is grossly affected by rising waters/flooding, it is important to extract and remove wet materials as soon as possible. Flood waters contain many contaminants such as bacteria, petroleum, insects, plant waste, ammonia, hydrocarbons and much more. Relying upon a simple “mold clearance test” as a condition of restoration is risky. Hydro-carbons/petroleum based products soak into wall framing and flooring and can off-gas harmful gases for years to come.

Lab Services - What you Need to Know

Many people are misinformed about mold and lab testing. First, there is no certification for mold/fungi testing by any authority. When a laboratory advertises “certifications” they are referring to a voluntary association with an organization such as AIHA-LAP (food/microbiology) or NVLAP (asbestos), or NLLAP (lead), which does not have any specific accreditation for mold/fungi. There
is no known accreditation for the analysis of mold/fungi for a laboratory.

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Licensed Mold Assessor


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Certified Safety Professional